Welcome to Park Avenue Smart Lipo™ Chicago

The first plastic surgery group in Chicago to focus primarily on SmartLlipo™. Park Avenue Smart Lipo Chicago is a plastic surgery practice that specializes in providing safe and effective SmartLipo treatments to our patients. Our plastic surgeons are on staff at RUSH University Medical Center in Chicago, and you will feel safe and secure under their care.

SmartLipo™ is the first and only laser-assisted lipolysis system designed to remove excess fat from the body. The FDA approved, minimally invasive liposuction technique SmartLipo is unique in that it uses a high powered laser to liquefy fat cells and tighten skin.

What Sets Us Apart

  • A leading plastic surgery group in Chicago to focus primarily on SmartLipo
  • Chicago’s exclusive SmartLipo training center, where other physicians are trained to perform SmartLipo procedures
  • Availability of trained and experienced plastic surgeons who are on staff at the RUSH University Medical Center in Chicago, which is one of the nation’s leading hospitals, delivering the highest standards of medical care services
  • With our experience in body contouring we are on the cutting edge of liposculpture
  • First to introduce new advances and new SmartLipo treatment modalities, including SmartLipo MPX

Personalized Treatment and Care

At Park Avenue Smart Lipo Chicago, our experienced plastic surgeons work as a team to ensure comprehensive, personalized treatment and care to patients — all in a relaxed environment; focusing on outstanding service. We strive to give our patients the desired aesthetic results from our treatments, while also offering a unique experience all along the way — from the initial consultation to your complete recovery following the SmartLipo laser liposuction procedure.

Learn more about SmartLipo liposuction procedure by contacting specially trained plastic surgeons at Park Avenue Smart Lipo Chicago. Call 312-942-6542 or send an e-mail to
info@parkavenuesmartlipo.com to schedule a consultation.